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Whirlpool is a big well known appliance company and they make a lot of different types of appliances. Anything
from microwaves to refrigerators.
Just like owning anything else, you need to maintain them so they will last longer and you won’t need a major repair done.

  1. Lets talk about some different appliances and how to maintain them at home:
    Refrigerators– The rubber seal around the door loves to collect dirt and drippings from leak, spills of different stuff. Make sure to clean it, so it is coming loose. The coils on the back of the refrigerator loves to collect dust and dirt, so a few times a year sweep and vacuum under the refrigerator and on the back. These couple of simple tasks will help save on whirlpool appliance repair.
  2. Microwaves– To help save on whirlpool appliance repair on your microwave. These simple ideas will help. Do not let kids operate the microwave without adult supervision. (You never know what they will try to cook.) Don’t slam the door hard, the doors are very flimsy and lightweight. Keep the vent clear so that the klystron tube does not overheat. Also remove the filter and wash it (if your microwave has one.
  3. Dishwashers– There is a few tasks that can be done on your dishwasher to help with whirlpool appliance repair. Water has a lot of different types of minerals that are harmful to your dishwasher run it on high heat and use a rinse aid. This will help with calcium build up and the spotting from the hard water. Clean the drain on the bottom of the dishwasher so the water can drain freely and so your not getting a real bad odor.
  4. Air Conditioners– Such a great appliance the air conditioner is. To keep the life span on your air conditioner, replace and clean the filter when it needs it. Make sure that the condensation water has a way to flow out. This can cause some major damage if the water stays in. Keep the back clean around the coils from leaves and debris. Also make sure air can flow through it. These are some home maintenance tips you can do to save money from whirlpool appliance repair.
  5. Washers– Replace the water hoses when you get a new washer. Check the hoses periodically for flat spots, cracks, leaks and bulging. Keep the rim clean from dirt and built up from laundry soap and fabric softener. This will also save on whirlpool appliance repair.
  6. Dryers– There is not a whole lot to do for home maintenance on a dryer. The most common chore is that every time you run a load of laundry through the dryer clean out the lint trap. Keep the dryer exhaust clean that is outside. Check the vent pipe twice a year.
    These are some house hold chores that can be done to maintain that your appliances will last longer and to keep from having major disasters and or issues.