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It’s Saturday morning, you’ve just thrown a load of towels in the washer, and then something goes wrong. The basin won’t fill, it’s making a funny noise, or a part’s malfunctioned. Whatever it is, whenever a major appliance breaks, our first instinct is to replace it with a newer model. However, the question remains of whether we should be so impulsive. In some cases, it makes more sense to repair your washer, not replace it. What follows are three reasons to call a service technician for washing machine repair Atlanta instead of replacing it.


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It’s Better For the Environment

Old appliances that no longer work often sit in landfills and contribute to a wasteful society. Some of them may sit in recycling centers until they’re able to be broken down for scrap and processed, but even that takes a lot of energy. To avoid accumulating broken appliances in landfills, it’s best to use a washer repair service. This way, instead of replacing an entire appliance, you replace only the part that’s broken, resulting in much less waste.

Less Expensive

In general, it’s less expensive to either order the part yourself online (if you know exactly what is broken) and install it yourself or call a washer repair service to do it than it is to replace a washing machine completely. New washing machines cost several hundred dollars, with higher-end models breaking the $1k ceiling. However, calling a washing machine repair business for a house call will generally cost much less, as you’ll pay for the time they’re there to diagnose and repair it as well as the part itself. If you’re handy, the news is even better because you can order the part yourself and replace it as well, especially if you know what you’re doing. There are many tutorials and videos available online that provide clear instructions on how to complete your own washer repair.

Product Warranties

If your washer is still under warranty, it may cover the cost of the repair completely, and this will save you money over having to buy a new washer entirely. Depending on your appliance, the warranty may last for one, two or three years. In this case, you’d have to order the part from the manufacturer and depending on their policy, will send out a repair person to complete the repair for you at no charge (because it’s under warranty), or the warranty terms may state that it only covers the cost of the part. Be sure to check the terms of your warranty to find out what parts are and are not covered.

In conclusion, it’s beneficial to do your own washing machine repair Atlanta or consult a professional, rather than replace the entire unit. It’s better for the environment because it creates less waste in landfills, it’s generally less expensive overall, and it makes use of existing product warranties. Repairing your washing machine can extend its life and preserve its condition for long-term use.