The Importance Of Hiring A Professional To Repair Your Appliances

I grew up in a household where dad always did the washer machine and dryer repairs. Honey, why don t you call the appliance repair man my mom would plead. With a gruff, he would wave his hands at her and slip into his I-Don’t-Care-If-I-Get-Grease-On-This clothes. Looking back, we probably could have extended the lifetime of our refrigerator and stove had dad not slogged away at the components with hammers and wrenches in a blind fury. We probably could have avoided the thousand-dollar water damage from the time he tried to fix the dishwasher too. Now that I m grown up and have my own home, I really respect the excellent work a professional appliance repair man can do. Here s why:


    • My time is VALUABLE! I hate to think that dad had nothing to live for, but life is far too short and precious to waste any spare time on appliance repairI could be training for an upcoming race, having coffee with my girlfriends or watching my son’s soccer game with that time.

    • I ll admit: I don t know jack sh*t! I’ve read all those For Dummies books, but the refrigerator repair for dummies is still beyond me. My husband is an engineer and I m sure he d be able to figure these things out, but once again we go back to point #1  his time is valuable. Also, for as much as our combined knowledge adds up, we can t possibly compete with a professional repair technician who eats, sleeps and breathes this stuff.

  • Two words: Manufacturer’s Warranty. If there s one thing manufacturers hate, it s do-it-yourselfers. In fact, the fastest way to void your appliance’s warranty is to gut the thing and start tinkering around. You might think you can slip one past their sensors, but they know. They always know. And if you re just poking around in there with reckless abandon, you can t possibly expect them to cover the damage you’ve done.

So, that being said, I ll call a professional for my next appliance repair job. I ll put my hubress aside and fork out the cash because, honestly, I d rather spend the day shopping in Buckhead or having coffee with friends in Little Five Points!