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Doing without an appliance, any appliance is at best inconvenient. And then having to decide who to call for repairs, Appliance Repair Atlanta hot water heater repair atlantawho is trustworthy, who can schedule you in quickly and all the while, you have no food or a pile of dirty clothes or dishpan hands. And now a stranger is going to come into your home and you will have to miss time from work. We are your first resource Atlanta.

Getting your General Electric Appliance Repaired

Well, if you live in the Atlanta area of Georgia, we get it, and we can help! We know how important these issues are to you and how inconvenient it is to do without the things you need to care for your family.
You can rely on us to:
  • Schedule you as quickly as possible, many times, we can provide you with same day service
  • Locate and correct the root problem
  • Protect your home from any dirt or grease that sometimes comes with our jobs
  • Send you a qualified licensed and insured repair technician who will treat you and your home with respect
  • Act honestly, ethically and with integrity
  • Get your appliance back on its feet fast

Who To Call For Appliance Repair

When you begin to shop for GE appliance repair or GE refrigerator repair here are some key points to consider:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Be sure license number is valid
  • Is insurance current
  • How long has the company been in business
  • See if they have a website or are on the Internet
  • Get the technician’s name (and it’s okay to talk with them and ask questions)
And by the way, we comply with these questions, so you don’t have to worry!

Common Appliance Problems

Age takes a toll on most everything, so keeping your appliances in good repair will ensure you get the longest life possible. We do GE appliance repair as well as GE refrigerator repair. These are some of the most common repair needs:
  •  Washer/Dryer: fails to turn on, doesn’t spin or tumble, dryer isn’t heating, washer isn’t draining or is leaky
  •  Refrigerators: not cooling, puddle of water under the fridge, making disturbing noises, too much frost that requires regular cleaning, ice machine is misbehaving
  • Electric stove won’t allow heat adjustment; gas stove won’t light, one or more burners don’t work
  • Dishwasher: door latch not working, noisy, leaking, won’t start, detergent won’t dispense, dishes don’t come out clean, not draining water or not drying properly
No matter your appliance problem, call us first for all your GE appliance repair and GE refrigerator repair – Appliance Repair Atlanta GA